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Best GoPro Cases

August 21 2016 , Written by Johnathan Published on #gopro hero

Best GoPro Cases

This easy, easy to adhere to guide will assist you to to keep your GoPro Hero in like-new condition so move to part two of capturing your most incredible moments.

Taking proper care to manage your GoPro will extend all the memories of your camera and the true quality of the videos you shoot! While some others steps are predictable, there are some great tips in this guide.

Step 1

After every GoPro worthy excursion, your camera would naturally be wet, dirty, sandy etc. Step one is to easily remove the camera from its case taking care to avoid considerable bits of dirt and sand. These could cause damage to the lens and can basically ruin your GoPro.

Step 2

Get the casing you've just removed and rinse it thoroughly beneath a regular tap. Stay clear of hard water or salt water when possible as these will leave residue found on the casing. Be sure you get all of the grit and sand away from the corners.

The 3rd step

Now a little trick. To stay clear of awaiting reality to dry, or the prospect of scratching the lens with rag (this is especially true if there is certainly sand residue) grab a hair blow dryer.

After gently shaking reality in order to get many of the water out, begin to dry how it is in the blower taking care not to warm up the case too much. To do this, set the blower to the bottom heat setting while keeping an affordable distance between the dryer and to discover the case.

Step 4

When the case is fairly dry, get a lens wiping cloth or maybe a video display cloth to wipe any camera lens. Make sure there's no sand or grit found on the lens or the material as this will likely scratch the lens.

The ultimate step is to spray a light-weight coat of Rain-X (the vehicle windshield spray) beyond just the lens and the outside of the case taking care to not spray the inside. Wipe neat and dry together with your screen/lens cloth.

Why the Rain-X you ponder? This light coating serves two primary purposes:

1. The use of the digital camera underwater along with getting wet from rain, water will not bubble up when in front of the lens. It will just run down the case consequently there aren't water bubbles in your video.

2. It is going to have any dirt, grit or sand extra easy to scrub off after your following adventure!

Step 5

Moving onto the dslr camera itself, to utilize a moist, delicate lint-free rag or cloth to wipe down everything except the lens. Regarding the lens, utilize your lens cloth/display screen cloth to carefully wipe any lens.

The correct technique for doing so is to begin in the middle of the lens, and wipe in small circles slowly expanding from the middle until you have covered the entire lens. If needed, moisten the fabric with a zoom lens cleaning solution before wiping.

Step six

On to where you store your camera. Make sure you have a powerful, durable and preferably waterproof case to build up your GoPro and accessories.

This is far superior to leaving your gear within a pile or throwing it in bag because this may avoid scratching the lens, losing any accessories or accidental smashing or damaging of your equipment.

Step 7

The final the next phase is to make sure that the inside of one's storage case is clean. This is commonly overlooked. Perhaps you left the case open outside for a time period on a previous adventure and dust or grit has settled inside of case.

Firstly, tip it the other way up in order to get any boulder sized pieces out, then use either a handheld "mini" vacuum or your trusty blow drier to put aside the finer particles.

I really hope this guide ensures that you raise the lifespan and work with of one's GoPro. Anyone can be more worry free truly understanding that your equipment is certainly cared for! After all, the whole point no matter the GoPro is usually to capture your most incredible moments without needing to concern yourself with ruining your camera. So go adventure!

The manual will enable you to raise the lifespan and make use of of one's GoPro. Now you can be a bit more worry free truly understanding that your equipment is well cared for! The carrying case that we recommend for your sports action camera can be these GoPro Case.

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